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At the recent technologies instructor at a school-enterprise docking activities, the "Hua Tong colour spinning" breath hired Donghua University 3 universities 5 specialists and professors of science and technology as a corporate instructor. "Hua Tong colour spinning," chairman JI Guo Miao said happily: "From the yarn, dyeing then to style design and style, business enterprise studies at the moment needed to overcome the technological challenges within this activity have found a corresponding authorities and professors." Positioned Binhai Industrial Zone Color Spinning Co., Ltd. Hua Tong in just 4 years time, with universities, analysis institutions of scientific research, the successful implementation with the second transformation. From the colour line would be the transition to hemp fabric "huatong color spinning" the first step. With keen industry sense, the company was the very first to identify the transformation goals is hard to overcome when style hemp fabrics. No technologies how to do? Corporation chairman JI Guo Miao led the technical staff frequently visited universities, investigation institutes, Shaoxing University, Peoples Liberation Army Common Logistics Department Quartermaster Equipment Institute, Donghua University, Beijing Institute of Clothing etc. became the focus of visits. Really hard perform pays off, then, "Hua Tong colour spinning" to way more than 1,000 million R & D investment, and the PLA Common Logistics Division Quartermaster Equipment Institute affiliated hemp centers, the success in the hemp fiber was improved and patented. In 2009, the "Hua Tong colour spinning" invested 100 million yuan of annual output of 6,000 tons launched hemp and cotton blended yarn engineering, among the national key industrial revitalization and transformation projects as well. Cooperative tasted the sweetness, the "Hua Tong colour spinning" there has been a transformation and upgrading of new ambitions - creating famous brand of high-end hemp home apparel. To this end, JI Guo Miao has led far more than rushing at universities and research institutes for technical support. At the moment known for style design and style has become Beijing Institute of Clothes "huatong color spinning," the long-term cooperation Academy. Meanwhile, the organization borrowed the institutions, institute personnel, set up in the yarn, fabric investigation and development team to design costumes. If the yarn development, the corporation set up by the domestic hemp textile authorities Fucheng Yan led "Fucheng Yan hemp fiber research and development Shaoxing studio"; apparel style in the fabric, hired well-known lingerie brand "oudifen" as its brand style director "Zimmer Good Adams home apparel design and style leaders. Speaking of major universities and analysis institutes, authorities and professors, JI Guo Miao familiar. "These professors are the outputs of scientific and technological achievements by the firm can be docked as dug the treasure." JI Guo Miao keen to learn Daqe tells its docking reason.

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In current years, all of us prefer to put on a jacket or thermal underwear, you could nevertheless feel some especially cold this winter. Also wear thermal underwear, down jacket to wear, and may not keep out the cold, do consumers Mobuzhuotou. Actual down the thermal impact is very good quality, since we let down clothing habits to cut down thermal effects. Thermal underwear companies within the domestic industry are a number of, thermal underwear is usually said that northerners crucial product within the winter, to wear thermal underwear, waist jacket also established in northern customer habits. Down within the north are implemented to wear inside the outermost layer, for wind, but did not take it for warmth, since consumers are applied to put on extended section north or down jacket and extended sections, and as a result can only be worn inside the outer layer, plus the next suggest that you Down inside the buy, the election can put on a short paragraph in the inner layer of down jacket, down jacket extra personal warmth better, than everyone a little one down jacket down jacket is extra bulky Waichuan warm. And now the domestic market inside a "seamless underwear down", "feather patch thermal underwear" are extremely fantastic cold items, seamless underwear inner put on a feather or down patch thermal underwear, waist conventional outfits , fashion-conscious man youngster, so as not too cold yo. When the inner put on down seamless underwear, knitted underwear can must wear matching, since no direct make contact with using the skin down underwear; also significantly less so that you can greater dress, you can easily select a patch with thermal underwear down in Having a coat, your winter is not as well cold, so dress perfect suited for company folks; if it can be within the elderly, it is actually recommended to wear thermal underwear down, the middle layer to wear a down vest, waist a warm coat it might not, so the match, action is also significantly more easy for the elderly. Especially in the domestic middle-aged consumer groups, one inside the winter, in accordance with previous spending habits have place several pieces of sweaters, cotton or some thing, this is too bloated, but action is just not hassle-free, it's recommended within the elderly, the feather merchandise position inside the most personal to put on, warm impact was more superior. Down in contrast to standard thermal underwear, thermal underwear, thermal underwear down warm characteristics in accordance with the physiological traits with the elderly, within the shoulder, elbow, hip, knee, along with the Ministry of positions, for example the chest just after the collar plus a down patch, in order that the elderly Winter can efficiently avert rheumatoid arthritis, prevention of colds, reliable actuation blood circulation. To ensure that "thermal underwear down" would be the middle-aged customers to force warm solutions. Middle-aged shoppers in the winter, be sure to pay attention to the protection with the knee, with a great number of domestic investigation inside the winter cold within the elderly poor blood circulation, leading to blood clots, causing partial paralysis, which with the elderly in the winter cold and lack of exercise have a awesome partnership . Because of cold weather, put on a great deal more, they don't would like to exercising. So Tell old mates within the winter, don't forget to wear thermal underwear down, and down jackets, each day exercise additional, body care, health is your greatest wealth towards the subsequent generation. For the wellness, you will not be cold this winter, considering that you will have thermal underwear down, and offer you a promotion within this country a number of experienced brand thermal underwear down it, - "red armbands Fantasy" "dean" "Red Rabbit King "" Where silk ", I keep in mind the winter put on thermal underwear down yo, also want you warm in winter as in spring.

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Planet Eco Fibre & Textile (WEFT) Art Exhibition, which aims to explore the vivid contemporary global textile traditions by giving an insight into the latest trends of textile arts, is going to take place from January 18 to March 23, 2013, in London . Exhibits from over 35 countries, including Japan, the Philippines, USA, Australia, Thailand, India, Venezuela, Pakistan, Laos, Bangladesh, China, Taiwan, Turkey, Indonesia and Malaysia, will be featured at the event.Along with the opulent display of art pieces made with natural dyes, the event will also highlight textile embellishment arts like embroidery and quilting as well as products made with traditional resist techniques, such as ikat, tritik, shibori, yuzen and batik.In addition to the exhaustively vast exhibits , the event will include a special country-wise promotion and demonstration of handmade textile arts by several international artists like Hiroyuki Shindo, Olivia Batchelder, Bina Rao and Liz Williamson.Conferences based on topics like Endangered Textile Traditions will additionally be organized on the sidelines of the expo.Sponsored by Galeri Petronas, Malaysia, the event is being supported by the Unesco, Planet Crafts Council, Planet Crafts Council Asia-Pacific, China Arts and Crafts Association, Crafts Council of India and the Asean Handicraft Promotion and Development Association.

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