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Right after the successful launch of its very first line of innerwear and T-shirts Dressing with Dignity, the Bolivian Strategic National Public Textile Enterprise (ENATEX) is all set to launch an intermediate line of clothes produced from 100 percent cotton for foreign and local clothes marketplace, this week.Bolivian Minister of Production and Development, Ana Teresa Morales, said the clothes line shall be launched by ENATEX and will guide the country to establish it as a brand within the foreign marketplace.The rates of your second batch of clothing will be slightly larger than the very first, because the new clothing line will include far more designs than ahead of, Ms. Morales said.She added that the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America (ALBA) will enable the nation to start exporting the clothes line to Venezuela and continue the trade with Cuba.ENATEX aimed to sell 38,000 garments of low-priced Dressing with Dignity line inside the domestic marketplace and export a further 70,000 garments to Cuba.
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